During my first job as a synthetic biology engineer followed by my PhD in genetics, cell and molecular biology


During Engineering School of Agronomy and Biotechnology (France and Taïwan)



Inspired by people  I see in the streets, while in Paris or travelling, I really enjoy letting my memory transform them .


Common people are the greastest inspiration of my work.



Even if I dedicated all my  education to biology, I can't prevent myself from dreaming about physics and astrophysics.


Thus, I like  having my head in the stars sometimes...



The field that interests me the most in biology remains biotechnology. This  discipline makes me feel like everything is possible with life. The  only limits are defined by ethics.


Through  drawing, I can create everything I  want regardless of any  restriction!



Travelling far from home often comes with new ideas of testing methods. In most cases , those  breakthroughts are due to  not having my regular tools.


Thus I have to deal with what is  in front of me, as we usually do in research laboratories.



While meeting people, I frequently hear: "Oh! You study sciences!! So boring!". Well! I decided to use pin-ups and humour  to show how glamourous and fun sciences can be.


So now, what do you think about sciences? 


Since I evolve in the scientific field, I rub shoulders with many professors and researchers. Thus I have worked with the LSE, Parcs et Jardins de Nancy, TEBIS. You can see a part of my work here:

-  INRA, Jardibiodiv

-   Jardibiodiv, Snail card


I am eager to meet new scientists who would need   artistic  skills from a passionate scientist!

(All images are  protected, and not free for use. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information)